The Creamery Inn

Downsville, WI

If you've been looking for the right opportunity to start living the good life, here's your chance.

One of West Central Wisconsin's most iconic historic properties, THE CREAMERY INN, has just been reduced in price by over $50,000 and is now on the market at $444,444. Operated as a highly prestigious restaurant and inn for almost 35 years, this beautifully renovated turn-of-the-century cooperative creamery offers tremendous potential for numerous commercial uses. It is ideal for purely residential development or possibly a harmonious combination of the two.

Business Spaces

The original conversion, which took place in 1988, cost approximately $1,200,000 and incorporated nothing but the finest of materials throughout, giving the finished building its classic prairie home features.

The accommodation is spread out over two floors. Five luxury guest rooms, which are situated on the second floor, have magnificent views to the south across the Red Cedar River Valley. There is a large commercial kitchen area with a bake shop, a large dining area and a lounge, which had a bar. There's also a large screened porch for the patio. The combined seating accommodated 165. The paved parking lots adequately meet the needs of both guests and staff.

The property occupies a 2.5 acre lot and there is another 5 acre parcel of land that could be acquired separately for expansion.

In recent years the restaurant has been unoccupied but the guest rooms have been repurposed into luxury studio apartments and are achieving occupancy rates of about 80% throughout the entire year. A 2,000 square foot apartment on the ground floor could be used to provide living accommodation for a new owner or continue to provide useful income.

As 'motivated vendors’ we want to pass on this wonderful building…all 14,000 square feet of it, to an enthusiastic new visionary. Over $100,000 of improvements have been invested in the property in the past few years.

So, if you're ready to leave that urban grind behind for a more fulfilling rural lifestyle, this could be just the nudge you needed.

We think things are really looking up in Downsville but don't just take our word for it. Why not come and take a look around for yourself?

To arrange a viewing just call Kathy Ruggles on 715-664-8368 or drop her an email at and she'll be happy to give you a tour.

BTW - If you read this far and know someone who has been looking for an escape route out of their current routine, please share this news with them. If they turn up on our doorstep thanks to your referral and become the new Creamery owner, we'll handsomely reward you with a check for $5,000 and give another check to your favorite charity for the same amount. Nice.


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