The History...

Creamery Inn View Opening in September 1985, The Creamery was an immediate success. Attracting a base of customers and guests from throughout the Midwest, it established itself as an epicurean and cultural center for those wishing a tranquil rural environment. With an excellent staff and superb product, the business steadily grew. By 1997, the four inn rooms were operating near capacity, and in 1998 an eight-room annex, The Woodland Terrace, was opened.

While The Creamery maintained a quality product for guests, the changes in management over the years have prevented the business from realizing its great potential. Unfortunately, The Creamery ceased trading in November 2010.

Vista Verde LLC purchased The Creamery in April 2011. The company is excited by the prospect of seeing this truly one-of-a-kind establishment achieve its fullest potential.