The Creamery - Business units
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Main Entrance

There is hardly a more prestigious address in all of rural Dunn County than that of The Creamery in Downsville.

This beautiful, historic building, which was the phenominally successful home of The Creamery Restaurant & Inn for over twenty-five years, is currently being transformed to accommodate the needs of 4 - 10 individually owned businesses.

Due to the very modest amount of intervention, none of the spatial elegance of the original building has been lost in the reconfiguration process that has led to the creation of the newly formed commercial business units.

We have identified a number of different types of business that could thrive in this multi-tenanted community. These include the following


Creamery Inn Dining RoomThis unit would consist of the original Creamery dining-room (capacity 68) and the kitchen plus ancillary storage rooms needed to serve this business.

Because of the outstanding reputation that the Creamery enjoyed as the perfect place to dine and relax, it's obvious that one part of the building should emulate this glorious past.

Regardless as to what type of dining experience a new operator wants to provide, the historic associations of the building with food should quickly help to build awareness for any food enterprise trading from this part of the old Creamery. Learn More

Guestrooms: For Bed & Breakfast or Self-contained Apartments

Creamery Inn Guest RoomThe Creamery contains four spacious bedrooms with sensationally equipped bathrooms including whirlpool tubs. These guestrooms could be operated as part of the restaurant tenancy or as a completely separate venture.

An additional area exists on the second floor, where the guestrooms are located, that could be used as a common-room/dining area for overnight guests or as living accommodation for a bed and breakfast operator. Learn More

Equally, these four guestrooms could be converted into studio apartments to provide either short or long-term accommodation; furnished or unfurnished.

Offices - Consulting Rooms - Studios

Creamery Inn OfficeThese same four guestrooms are also available for a host of other business uses besides the ones described above.

As an example, if you need an office, then any one of the four rooms could provide exactly the amount of space you require. The carpeted units vary in size from 370 Sq Feet - 640 Sq Feet. They all enjoy quite stunning southern exposures

Any of these rooms could also be used as a professional consulting space for health-related therapists of they could serve as an ideal studio for artists or makers of jewelry, textiles or other crafts.

Retail - Shop Units

Two specific parts of the building have been earmarked as being perfect for retail/shop activity.

The first of these spaces is located immediately opposite the main public entrance to the Creamery and is right next door to the dining room of the area that has been allocated to serve as a restaurant.

It has one wall of floor to ceiling windows that face south-east and supply ample amounts of natural light to the unit. The space is also fitted with parquet flooring and has an open fireplace. This unit measures just under 740 Sq Feet.

The space would serve a lot of different retail formats including gifts, fashion, crafts, furniture, antiques, sporting goods and many more.

The second area in the building that is for retail is the original industrial park of The Creamery. This space is accessed from its own private entrance on the north side of the building as well as via an entrance off the central foyer. Originally this west-side of the building housed the Creamery's bakery, gift shop and pottery.

It's a large area that measures over 1,800 Sq Feet in its entirity but could conceivably be divided into two separate units measuring approximately 935 Sq Feet and 865 Sq Feet.

Previous operators have also used this part of the building for a small café area, with a limited drinks and desserts menu provided from the main kitchen.

We think that it could be an attractive outlet for a business serving the needs of the Red Cedar Trail and aimed at cyclists and skiers.

Light Manufacturing or Production Units

Creamery Inn Industrial SpaceThe west end of the building could also be used as a production facility for a light manufacturing business.

It would easily support food-related companies who want to have a public-facing element to their businesses. Examples of this might include, a microbrewery, a cheese-maker, a confectioner, a baker or maybe a purveyor of jams & preserves. The making of products could be supplemented with the opportunity to sells your goods directly to the public.

Other light industrial uses that could combine manufacturing with direct sales might be businesses such as picture-framing, wood-working, sign-writing or upholstery.

Email or Call 715 664 8368 / 8191 for more information.


Creamery Inn GalleryThe double-height foyer which forms the entrance to The Creamery is available as a gallery space. The existing walls offer a superb display area for large works of art and with the introduction of portable exhibition stands and lockable glass cases, a wide range of goods could be sold from this area.

The foyer will also serve as a congregating communal space for restaurant customers and so should offer a steady flow of traffic in addition to what the gallery operator would generate themselves.